Fearing Yellow Head Disease, Mexico blocks Honduran Shrimp Imports

Fearing Yellow Head Disease, Mexico blocks Honduran Shrimp Imports

Reported bouts of yellow head disease affecting Honduran shrimp farms have prompted a temporary ban on imports from the country's major customer, Mexico, Honduras' El Heraldo newspaper reported.

Inspection agency from Mexico announces the closure to Honduran counterpart on 20 October 2017.

Officials there recently turned back one container loaded with 23,000 kilograms of frozen Honduran shrimp after irregularities were detected with the shipment's certificate of origin, the newspaper reported.

Clinical signs of infected shrimps

  • Yellow discoloration of its cephalothorax
  • Exceptionally high feed consumption at initial stage followed by abrupt reduced feeding
  • Moribund shrimps congregate near the surface of their pond before dying

Mortality rate

Up to 100% mortality within 3-5 days of the first appearance of clinical signs

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A peeling room at the Seajoy processing plant in Choluteca, Honduras (Photo credit: Matt Whittaker, Undercurrent News)