First Case of EMS Confirmed in the United States

First Case of EMS Confirmed in the United States

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has notified the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) of the first documented case of acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND), or EMS, in the United States, the Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA) reported.

The SSA stated that the USDA’s notice reported an outbreak of AHPND amongst pacific white shrimp (vannamei) at a “semi-closed” shrimp farm in Cameron County, Texas in June 2017, confirmed through laboratory tests in July.

The USDA also observed that “following best management practices including biosecurity greatly reduces the risk of this or any number of water-borne aquaculture diseases spreading between farms, or from farms to wild shrimp resources.

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Shrimp with EMS (above) compared to healthy white shrimp (below)

(Photo: BioAqua)