Global Farmed Shrimp Production in 2016 Remains Stagnant

Global Farmed Shrimp Production in 2016 Remains Stagnant

Global Farmed Shrimp Production in 2016 Remains Stagnant

26 May 2017

According to the report analyses the shrimp market situation over the period January-November 2016 from FAO of United Nations, global production of farmed shrimp is likely to remain stagnant or lesser, partly affected by shrimp diseases due to pandemic viruses which adversely inflict serious economic losses in global paneid shrimp farming industry.

Some of countries experienced heavy losses due to sudden outbreak of shrimp diseases. Recently in Bangladesh, the sudden outbreak of unknown virus disease in Bagerhat shrimp farms had negatively impacted the economy of 70 thousand fish farms of the district in the current year.

While India is expected to produce 5 lakh MT of shrimp in 2017, average rate of farm produce survival is only 50 percent. Productivity is reducing year on year, with the produce being hit by white spot syndrome, which is the single largest pathogen affecting shrimp farming in India,” said Robins Mclntosh, a Thailand-based researcher in the field for three decades. “”New technologies must be backed by quality control and surveillance," he added

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