Queeensland Shrimp Sector Hit by Whitespot Virus

Queeensland Shrimp Sector Hit by Whitespot Virus

Two shrimp farms in Queensland, Australia has been severely damaged by infection of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV), causing a state-wide panic among the shrimp sectors in Australia. This WSSV detection is the first occurrence since the last two years and it was discovered by Biosecurity Queensland officials during a routine testing in farms around Queensland.

State authorities are now ensuring that this infection is contained before it spreads to other shrimp farms because they want to avoid a repeat of the same incident in 2016. In 2016, shrimp stocks in seven shrimp farms destroyed by the WSSV, leading to a loss of almost $400 million dollars. This crippled the income of shrimp farmers and the shrimp sector.

The virus originated from a sample of wild shrimp, but authorities have not detected the location of the outbreak. However, the good news is that the shrimp farms were almost done with harvesting, so they did not experience a huge loss in shrimp stock or profit. The Queensland chief biosecurity officer also commented on the difficulty of tracing this virus due to its rapid infection speed.

Queensland biosecurity department is now ensuring all state’s shrimp farms are able to deal with the new outbreak. Authorities have also informed shrimp farmers that only wild-caught prawns should be used as bait as raw prawns can most likely introduce the virus in the environment.

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