Shocking News ! Prawn Carrying White Spot Virus found in Queensland Supermarket

Shocking News ! Prawn Carrying White Spot Virus found in Queensland Supermarket.

Some ruthless seafood importers deliberately ignored Australia’s proper procedures designed to protect the population of Shrimp against harmful biological or biochemical substances to hunt for higher profit. Nearly 2 years after the epidemic, the Federal Government is still working to enforce white spot testing on raw prawns which are being imported as breaded, crumbed or battered.

With white spot virus still appearing in Australian supermarkets, this raises troubling doubts about Australia’s readiness to fight a virus that could lead to the destruction of economy. It has been found that the devastating epidemic of white spot was caused by Australia’s biosecurity system through customs policy decision which allowed seafood importers to unpack shipping containers into cold stores unsupervised by government officials.

The prawn farming industry was disappointed by the Federal Government’s failure to pay attention and curb this epidemic, considering how easily white spot virus can enter Australia in imported prawns.

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