Shrimp Output Set to Fall in India

Shrimp Output Set to Fall in India

Shrimp production in India is likely to drop this year as low prices and fear of spread of diseases among shrimps have forced aquaculture farmers to cut production in the farms. The outbreak of viral diseases has increased the economic risks and slowed the industry development.

The prawn farming industry has said to be down by half in south Andhra Pradesh while in north and central parts of the state, the situation is better with 80% of the farms well stocked compare to last year, the shrimp production in the country which went over 6 lakh tonnes. Furthermore, farms in Gujarat and West Bengal too will have lower production. As a result, the hatcheries will suffer heavy loss as they could not sell much seeds to the farmers.

The seafood industry feels the need for sustainable aquaculture to counter setbacks and increase production. The aquaculture farmers lost money last year when white spot and EHP diseases reduced the shrimp output. This year, the fear of diseases has led many to stock less in farms.

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