Speedy Assay’s Customer Visit to India, 15th October – 17th October 2019

Speedy Assay’s Customer Visit to India, 15th October – 17th October 2019

During the 15th of October to 17th of October 2019, the Speedy Assay sales team were able to visit our loyal customers in India.

This visit allowed Speedy Assay a chance to better understand our international customers’ feedbacks or issues about our products. This would allow us to better advise them on the products that is best suited to their needs as customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. It also gave us an opportunity to meet potential customers due to the positive feedback from our existing customers.

We also used this as a platform to discuss about our shrimp disease detection kits especially our rapid test kits which can produce rapid and reliable results as well as it’s simple to use capability. Besides rapid test kits, Speedy Assay also offers shrimp disease detection kits that uses Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Real-time PCR to diagnose potential infectious diseases in shrimps. We also provide products involved in aquaculture bioremediation, which helps in improving the pond environment of the shrimps, resulting in higher quality shrimps.

This visit to India was worthwhile as we were able to strengthen the relationship with our existing customers, while simultaneously building new ones with potential customers. It helps us not only to move one step closer in marketing our product in India, but around the world as well.

Do check out the photos of our 3 days trip in India below: