Virus Infects Sustainable Water Prawn Farm in Scotland

Virus Infects Sustainable Water Prawn Farm in Scotland

The world’s first sustainable, land-based, clean water prawn farm as claimed by Great British Prawns was infected with Infectious Hypodermal & Hematopoietic Necrosis virus (IHHNV), causing a culling of more than half of the shrimp population.

This sustainable farm was to produce warm water king prawns – also known as Pacific whiteleg shrimp - for the first time in the UK and the farm imported 350,000 crustaceans from USA. However, more than half of the crustaceans died during its import into Scotland and more were culled when the shrimps were diagnosed with IHHNV. This left only 43,000 shrimps remaining on the farm in the first month.

Presence of IHHNV tends to negatively affect prawn farms. This is because it causes physical abnormalities and slow growth in the prawn. It can also weaken the prawn’s immune system, making it easier to be infected by other diseases. Farmers will have to suffer a loss of profit due to high mortality among the prawn population.

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